Sheep, Dog, & Wolf - Breathe (2014)

Music Video,


“This clip is a conglomeration of life experiences, some happy, some sad, some mundane, some spectacular, which together form a picture of – not to be too grandiose about it or anything – our shared experience as humans.

“There are moments in life – some scary, some exciting, some full of joy, pain or terror – that we mark the passing of with a long exhalation of breath, be that intentional or involuntary. Those moments of holding it in, when the blood hammers through your ears, are masterfully collated by 3-shot music video ninjas THUNDERLIPS, who have once again teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Sheep Dog & Wolf for experiential music video Breathe.” - MarBelle/ Directors Notes





Eoin O’Liddigh


Anna Duckworth


Alix Whittaker


Gwen Norcliffe


Matt Thomas


Willa Oliver, Sean Wallace, Dan Gandamalla, Alice Pearce, Thom and Jack Field, shampoo hair girl, Dillon Thë Rooster, Jordan Benjamin, Jessica Rapson, Connor Strati and Oliver Page, Arlo Gibson, Bill Gavin, Michele Hine, Michaela Finis, Rose Archer, Matthew Sunderland, Matt Gibbons, Pearl McGlashan, Tammy Brenstrum, Jak Charles, Brooke Peterson, Sandani Wijetunge, Brandon Waltz, Rose’s cousin, Oliver Page, Rebbekah Farrell, Daniel McBride, Kim Whalen, Hannah Paterson, Simon Ward, Sez Niederer and Levi Dodson, Zoe Robbins and Anna Duckworth

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