Suren Unka - Golden Town (2014)

Music Video,


“Contrary to the cold, dystopic world we have become so accustomed to in films, this music video shines light on the future as something not to fear, but a utopia that is very possible and near. This interpretation of the future sees harmony between the natural world that remains as beautiful and secluded as ever, the preserved retro world featuring old cars, cassette tapes and the idea of simpler times, and superstructures we can only imagine – all under the pervading surveillance of an extraterrestrial kind that doesn’t seem to define how we lead our life.” - Jen Ng, hhhhappy



Fergus Waveforms

1st AD:

Laura Hutton


Eoin O’Liddigh

Art / Costume:

Kenah Trusewich

VFX / Art:

George Ritchie

Concept ARt:

Adam Tan


Natalie Maria Clark


Sophie McIntosh

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