Anna Duckworth



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Anna was born in NZ’s capital on Christmas Eve 1985. She was raised by a scientist and a statistician, but luckily also they were skilled storytellers with a great sense of humour.

Anna has a Bachelor of Communications Studies, Major in Video Production, Minor in Advertising from AUT University. She’s worked in film and television for almost a decade in both New York City, USA and Auckland, NZ. Her focus early-on was Producing, and she has a wealth of experience in this area; but she has recently moved her focus to Writing and Directing, and in a short time she has received a significant measure of success!

“I aim to make people feel a feeling - however big or small. Or think a new thought. Or consider something they hadn’t considered. I like to look at the small things and examine the minutiae of life - things that might be mundane or trivial but actually reveal a whole lot about behaviour.”

When she’s not making films, Anna loves to make zines, craft, manage her sister-in-law’s art career, go for walks, braid hair, play elaborate table top games, have cups of tea with her housemates, play with her niece Willow, and help to run and improve her suburban commune with her mother-in-law Heather.

Anna’s favourite filmmakers are Miranda July, Greta Gerwig, Noah Baumbach, and Wes Anderson. Her top five films of all time are Me and You and Everyone We Know, An Education, Frances Ha, 20th Century Women, and Don’t Think Twice.

Instagram @aaannarose
Twitter @aaannarose
Mum Jeans (2018) Short Film Director
Tami Neilson - Stay Outta My Business (2018) Music Video Director
Saint Mama (2018) Short Film Director
Psusy Season 2 (2017) Web Series Director
Space Psusy (2017) Short Film Director
Everyone is a Robot but Me (2013) Short Film Director
FOMO (2012) Short Film Director
Circus Animals (2011) Short Film Director
The Eversons - Emily (2014) Music Video Producer