Oliver Page



Occasional Director of Film and Theatre


021 286 8464

Oliver was born in Oamaru, North Otago in May of 1988. He staged his first play there - an adaptation of STAR WARS, which received positive notices.

His love of cinema, of language, words and drama began in 1998 when his father made the at once very poor and perfect decision to show his 10 year old son his favorite movie of the moment, PULP FICTION.

“It moved me, frightened me, it set me alight with a passion for the medium. It is a starting point and compass for my whole creative life.”

Oliver has battled his whole life with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and it’s attending depression and anxiety. He left school at 16, and never went to University.

In his late teens and early twenties he shot several short films, the last of these was We Talk About Loss, made with Alix Whittaker and Jordan Mark Windsor as the first project of the fledgeling production shingle Candlelit Pictures.

His only “real” job to date was as a projectionist (for almost a decade in Auckland); a job he eventually lost to the digital revolution.

Oliver’s play ‘Mating In Captivity’ debuted at The Basement Theatre in 2016, and went on to play at BATS in Wellington in 2018. He writes regularly for NZME’s Watch Me, and has a fantasy of one day writing the most emotionally affecting TRANSFORMERS movie you could imagine.

Oliver’s favorite films include Barry Lyndon, The Piano Teacher, Dead Ringers, Manhattan, and Andrej Rublev. He’s also obsessed with Early 80’s Post-Punk era R.E.M.

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