Rose Archer




NZ +64 22 673 9215

UK +44 7729 903488

Rose comes from a family of artists and activists, and while she was born in the UK, she grew up in Devonport, Auckland (NZ). Rose is deeply troubled by the inequalities and injustices in the world - so she spends her time making documentary films, and protesting.

She has a BA in History and Psychology from Auckland University (+ one year on exchange to Manchester University in the UK), and is devoted to life as a feminist filmmaker and activist.

“There is nothing quite like being called a slut starting from the age of 6, and threatened with sexual violence, to form a nasty feminist.”

Her first documentary short film ‘Water for Gold’ premiered at the New Zealand International Film Festival in 2016, and went on to play at My Hero Film Festival and others.

Her second documentary ‘Beautiful Democracy’ has been a resource for community activism across New Zealand, and has screened at film festivals and conferences internationally.

Rose is currently working on her first feature length documentary, on a topic that is extremely close to her heart - stopping violence against women. Learn more about Ending Violence here

Rose’s favourite filmmakers are Jane Campion, Paul Thomas Anderson, Joss Whedon, Matthew Heineman, and Adam Curtis. Her favourite films include I Heart Huckabees, A Cabin in the Woods, 13th, How to Change the World, Elle, Gone Girl, and The Master.

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