Ash Jones




Ash grew up knowing he was going to do acting and all sorts of artistic stuff. When he was 5, his parents enrolled him in his first acting class. And on that day, a legend was born. Pretty much. Ash hasn’t yet managed to manifest this legend in anything that you would recognise, but you just wait, he’s still attending acting classes, and if you came along and watched, you would see that he clearly has a lot of potential.

With a professional acting career that has lasted just over ten years, Ash Jones has worked in professional theatre productions such as the Auckland Theatre Company’s The Importance of Being Earnest, and on international films such as Prince Caspian and The Warriors Way.

Ash loves to make his own work. He has a feature film in the pipes, called Floyd, as well as multiple short film projects in production.

As a theatre maker, Ash has been whipping up fresh and experimental theatre works with Nisha Madhan as a part of ‘The Town Centre’. And has recenlty joined in collaboration with Arlo Gibson as the theatre duo ‘Thank You Real Good Party Time Ltd’, making short shows for the Somewhere Series, performance art for Splore, and full length shows SKYLOVING, and Non Flower Elements. In 2016, Ash premiered his first effort as a playwright; Thomus. Which he also directed and starred in.

Ash is a practicing Vipassana meditator, paints and makes visual art, and teaches acting at St Kents. For the last seven years, Ash has worked with Arts Therapist, Maxine Donnellan and her trust, Healing Through the Arts, to engage young people all over Auckland with self-belief and life skills.

Instagram @ashjonesiscool
Twitter @ashcajones
Whittaker's Chocolate 'Through the Ages' (2018) TVC Actor
Resolve (2017) Feature Film Actor
Steinlager Pure 'Keep it Pure' (2018) TVC Actor
Non Flower Elements (2017) Theatre Show Promo Actor, Director
The Cafe (2017) TV Show Interviewee
Video Store (2017) Web Series
Thomus (2016) Theatre Show Promo Writer, Director, Actor
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008) Feature Film Actor