Sheep, Dog & Wolf - Breathe (2015)

Music Video

Concept and Direction by THUNDERLIPS. Produced by Anna Duckworth, Meredith Rehburg, Mickey Finis, and Alix Whittaker.


"...a conglomeration of life experiences, some happy, some sad, some mundane, some spectacular, which together form a picture of – not to be too grandiose about it or anything – our shared experience as humans." - Catalogue Magazine

"They’re [THUNDERLIPS] a big reason I can’t stop talking about the beautiful work coming out of New Zealand lately. And, gosh solo artist, Daniel McBride is a powerhouse. This song is utterly complex and intricate." - yvynyl

"... loaded with isolated moments of human anxiety, suspense tenseness, making it a great ocular accompaniment to the sighing track." - UNDERTHERADAR

"...Breathe a stark look into the human struggle." -