Sheep, Dog, and Wolf - Glare (2014)

Music Video

Shot in the Australian Outback on 35mm celluloid. 

Huge thanks are due to Panavision Australia - without whom this video would have never existed. 


Vimeo Staff Pick, April 2014 - "This music video for Sheep, Dog & Wolf’s “Glare” has an intensity that is directly proportionate to it simplicity." -

" takes a certain kind of balls to the wall confidence to craft a promo which not only transforms lyrics into literal visuals but does so in an unwavering three shot sequence." -

"...when accompanied by the startling imagery created by Thunderlips here, I don't think it is going too far to call this "greatness"." -

"It’s pretty freaking great, as is the song itself." - Cheese on Toast 

"...this is so desperately simple. Three shots. Three emotions. They all fumble together to… what? Death? Rebirth? It’s mad genius." - yvynyl

"The simple yet effective concept features a naked McBride scrambling to escape a searing sunrise of apocalyptic proportions as the raw folk song plays on." -

Honored with first place in's list 'Six of the best creative music videos'.

"The sun conquers all in this beautifully apocalyptic video (that appears to be composed entirely of three shots) for Sheep Dog and Wolf’s low-key, moody track that’s perfect for the period of night just before dawn." -