LarzRanda - Lifeguard (2015)

Music Video

Concept and Direction by THUNDERLIPS. Produced by Anna Duckworth and Tammy Brenstrum. 


"I spent a couple of hours with the duo [THUNDERLIPS] earlier this week as they prepared for the release of their latest video, LarzRanda’s Lifeguard. I was fascinated, not just by their process, but by their entire philosophy on work, art and creative satisfaction." Courtney Peters at Gather and Hunt

"Half of the 'LIPS (as they are referred to at all times) emailed me in 2012 and expressed their interest in carrying my child. The thought of seeing my own DNA in front of me seems weird so we began creating videos instead." - LarzRanda interview on SNIFFERS

" aesthetic that has been back-to-the-futured from the 90s, resulting in Game Boy beats and glossy, hyperreal music videos." - Metro Mag

"...a slightly unhinged protagonist who really just wants to be the guardian angel of a somewhat unsuspecting love interest." - UNDERTHERADAR

"...sometimes love can make you crazy..." - c-heads magazine