Lord Echo - Molten Lava (2015)

Music Video

Concept and direction by THUNDERLIPS, produced by Anna Duckworth, Alix Whittaker, and Tammy Brenstrum.

This music video stretches the definition of it's genre by aspiring to narrative cinema - unencumbered by a full-time, full-volume soundtrack. The images go off on their own tangent, painting an indulgent backdrop for the song - like a movie that just becomes about the landscapes and forgets the characters - this video seems to forget the song and riff on the girl-on-a-boat premise harder than any riff has ever riffed. Maybe it's a statement, like: We think of music videos as works of art, we think they should be equal to the song in effort and creative ambition - and hold your attention accordingly. Maybe this is an extreme example, like some orphan of art screaming, desperate to be taken more seriously. Maybe you'll like it anyway. We hope you do.   - THUNDERLIPS


"THUNDERLIPS once again proving why they’re one of the best in the business." -