Doprah - Stranger People (2014)

Music Video

Doprah's Stranger People is a candy-coated J-Pop nightmare. We've tried to blend the themes of the song (self delusion, control and child-like naivety) with J-Pop's hyper-commercial fabrication of 'perfect' little stars, to create a subtext which hides, smoldering behind an archetypal J-Pop music video.  

The production team from 'Stranger People' did a blog post analysing the video : read it here

"The video conceived and directed by Thunderlips brings the song’s acid-drenched Disney fairytale soundscape to life. It is absolutely brilliant and original poised to be watched over and over." -

"A visual feast that is equal parts cute, creepy, colourful, and captivating." -

"’s also possible to read “Stranger People” as a critique of Japanese kawaii and anime culture and the people who consume it. Maybe that’s reading “Stranger People” too literally. Maybe Force and Marr are just using the exaggerated imagery of Japanese pop videos to make a broader statement about how all women in pop music tend to be hypersexualized, or infantilized, or both, by what is still a male-dominated industry." -

" nothing I’ve ever seen." -

"If there’s one music video you watch today, make it Doprah’s video for ‘Stranger People’." -

"...this clip is completely strange, and equally as wonderful." -

" all slowly goes from adorable to horrifying, or possibly adorifying." -

"Nothing says YES and NO more than Doprah’s new video for Stranger People. A kick in the privates and eye candy the whole way through, this is fucking cool." -

"Doprah's new video is everything you might imagine when Katy Perry bubblegum pop imagery mixes with Nine Inch Nails and a dash of bath salts." -